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Before You Buy A Home Plumbing, Heating, and AC Inspections

Prices and Policies

         Between 8am to 4 pm Monday through Friday $72.00 per hour

         From 4pm to 8am and on Weekends and Holidays $108.00 per hour

         One Hour Minimum Charge

         Travel Time at Full Rate to Job Sight, and if Job Sight is more than 45 minutes away travel time is charged back to shop less 30 minutes

 Tips for the Customer

         Before you call for an emergency No Heat Call

1.      Check Circuit Breaker to see if tripped or off

2.      Check to see if Service Switch on side, front, on ceiling or wall near appliance is in the on position

3.      If Oil Fired, check to see if emergency switch near outside of Furnace or Boiler room entry door, or next to the basement door on the first floor is in the on position

4.      If a Steam boiler, make sure that water is visible in the sight glass. If not and the burner is running, turn off burner emergency or service switch, or shut off boiler circuit breaker, and make sure burner shuts down. Leave off for at least an hour and in the mean time call your Boiler Service Contractor.